Bendigo Sheep And Wool Show

Another Bendigo Sheep and Wool show has passed.

We had our best sales ever and it is so good to have people come back year after year to tell us how pleased they are with our goods.
We almost sold out of fleece completely so if you really want something specific please contact us and place an order. We shear again in November.
We were delighted that our black fleece won it’s section and also “Best Handspinning Fleece” as judged by Wendy Dennis of Tarndy. This is, of course what we are aiming for. This win also attracted a monetary prize was sponsored and thank you to Beyloar Blacks.

Our 2 white fleeces both won a “highly commended” in much bigger fields.
Now it is time to catch our breath and get ready for lambing in early September.

Here are some pictures of life at the show.


Controlled and planned programme for 2016

After a very long and unplanned lambing season last year -the rams were very busy and jumped into paddocks that they shouldn’t have – we have a controlled and planned programme for 2016.
We have just completed our Artificial Insemination programme with 15 ewes. We used Pure Finnsheep semen that we imported from New Zealand and also some very old semen from some of the original Finnsheep from many, many years ago.
IMG_0626_s IMG_0627_s IMG_0631_s
We have only 9 coloured ewes mated to a Pure Finn coloured ram and a Finn/Merino cross very black ram. So hopefully we won’t still be getting lambs in December this year.
Our next big event for this year is Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show on July 15th to 17th. We are located in the Finn Association tent which is at the end of the main street as you enter on the left. (past the food outlets). Do come and look us up and have a talk about our Finns.

Another Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show

Another Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show has passed.  Our Finn Assocoaition tent was well attended with goods for sale, and our sheep on display.

Breeders from NSW, Vic, and SA were present representing our small society.

We had quite a few fleeces entered in the fleece competition but judges failed to apply the correct Awex code which would see our fleece not penalised so heavily for their lack of weight. Finn fleece should normally only cut about 3 to 4 kgs of fleece and since the weight factor is 38% of the score we cannot compete with 8 or more kg fleeces.  We believe next year there will be an allowance for our breed standards  which should make a huge difference to our scores.

In the wool craft section many Finn goods won prises including a 3rd for a jumper for Gerry and a 2nd for a hat for my granddaughter of my own, and a 2nd for a baby jacket spun, dyed and knitted by Sue.

Here are some pictures of life at the show.

Returned from New Zealand

Exciting News!

Recently we have returned from New Zealand where we have organised to import Finnsheep semen from Robin Hilson at One Stop Ram Shop near Hawkesbay. We have dealt with Robin before and are pleased to be able to do business with him again. This semen will be shared amongst members of the Finnsheep Association of Aust. Our own program will run next year.

Also we visited Design Spun in Napier and organised for some of our wool to be processed into yarn. We needed to do this as at the time there was no one in Australia actually processing yarn.

This will be the only Pure Finn yarn in Australia and we are looking forward to its arrival soon. Keep an eye on the shop for when it comes in. We will have 5 ply & 8 ply in 2 colours and white also for hand dying.

Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show 2014

This year Fairfield Finns were located in the Finn Association tent with the sheep. I’m sure it meant that some folks could not find us but we did meet a lot of new people too. Thanks to all our old friends & customers who made it all the way up the road to the very end to find us.

We feel philosophically that we should be with the sheep and lots of people agreed that it was a good display and interesting to see where the goods actually come from.  We sold almost all of our fleece and are looking forward to the new shearing in Nov.

We had some good results both in the Woolcraft section & in the fleece completion. In the woolcraft my good friend Sue Tannett  won the Margaret Benning award (for a dyed article made from raw fleece) with a lovely ladies cardigan made from Finn fleece of course.

Sue also won the accessories section with a shawl.

Sues winning shawl

Sues winning shawl

I came second to Sue with my shawl.

My second placed shawl

My second placed shawl

My  pure Finn shawl made from lamb fleece came second in the babywear section.

My Pure Finn lamb shawl

My Pure Finn lamb shawl

In the fleece completion our white fleece only managed a 6th place because we have to compete against Merino/ BorderLeiscters which cut a lot more fleece than our Finns and consequently the weight factor let us down as this makes up 38% of the marks.

In the coloured fleece completion our fleece came second. Again weight was a factor because the fleece was put in the ram section and it was a ewe fleece. In all other criteria our fleece outscored the winner.

2nd place Coloured fleece

2nd place Coloured fleece

Now it is on to lambing in September (a very busy time for us), then shearing in November.


New Zealand Trip

We have recently returned from New Zealand. Whilst there we talked to a yarn processor about the possibility of processing some of our lovely fleece into lovely yarn.  This will be a long term project because of the shipping etc. We hope to have our new yarn available early next year.

We stayed overnight with Robin Hilson and Joy Gray of the One Stop Ram Shop farm. We imported semen from some of Robins rams 11 years ago and are now looking to further diversify the genetics in our sheep. All going well we may look at an Artificial Insemination program for next year.

Here is a picture of some of the Finnsheep.


Great season weatherwise

We finished shearing two weeks ago. It has been a great season weatherwise and we have lots of lovely fleeces, waiting to be sorted and bagged up.

Our first bus load of visitors came mid November from Bunurong Spinners and Weavers. They enjoyed a sumptious lunch and had fun going through fleeces in our historic shearing shed.

Here in this pic are two of the ladies feeding the bottle fed lambs.

Another Bendigo Sheep & Wool show

Another Bendigo Sheep & Wool show has passed in absolutely awful weather – very very cold and wet. On the Saturday night the sheep were almost washed out of the tent.

There were some pleasing results with our fleeces – our white fleece came third in its section and our black fleece came second.

Black & Colored Fleece competition. Second place.

Black & Colored Fleece competition. Second place.

Here is a picture of the fabulous mans’ jumper spun and knitted by Nicki Argon-Olshina for her brother in the USA using this prize winning fleece.

Nicki jumper

Nicki jumper

Having spoken for many years about how good Finn wool is for babies and children (because of its low prickle factor) it was very good to see that in the Woolcraft section of the show, the sub section – “Article or garment for a child 0 to 5 years” all places were won using Fairfield Finn fleeces.

First went to Rebecca Marsh for a lovely baby dress.

First prize in 0 to 5 years section.

First prize in 0 to 5 years section.

Second to Sue Tannett for a cute toddlers wrap and hat.

Second prize in o to 5 years section.

Second prize in o to 5 years section.

Third went to myself for a shawl made from baby Finn

Third prize in 0 to 5 section.

Third prize in 0 to 5 section.

There were other entries that also won prizes.

2nd prize Pure Finn fleece, Sue Tannett

2nd prize Pure Finn fleece, Sue Tannett

2nd prize Finn corr fleece 0 - Maureen Shepherd

2nd prize Finn corr fleece 0 – Maureen Shepherd

Our Australian Finnsheep Association again held our annual AGM at Bendigo. Check out the Association site at

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