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Fleece sold out for this year. New shearing  is in November & orders can be taken. Please email us.




Exciting News!

Our new yarn has arrived back from NZ. We are very, very pleased with the result. As a first time venture we were a bit nervous but it is a beautiful product and best of all the unique softness of the Finn wool has been maintained.

We have two colours – Blue Denim and Mohogany. Also available is natural white which would be lovely for arran knitting. All are available in 5ply or 8 ply.
Also we have naturally hand dyed balls in Indigo, Eucalyptus Nicholi, Cochineal, Tumeric, Logwood, and Tumeric overdyed with Indigo, to give a lovely green colour.
Or you can buy 200 grm hanks to dye yourself in 5 or 8 ply.

We feel sure you will not be disappointed with our fully home grown 100% Australian Pure Finn yarn. (Even though we had to send it to NZ to be made into yarn).

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