Another Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show

Another Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show has passed.  Our Finn Assocoaition tent was well attended with goods for sale, and our sheep on display.

Breeders from NSW, Vic, and SA were present representing our small society.

We had quite a few fleeces entered in the fleece competition but judges failed to apply the correct Awex code which would see our fleece not penalised so heavily for their lack of weight. Finn fleece should normally only cut about 3 to 4 kgs of fleece and since the weight factor is 38% of the score we cannot compete with 8 or more kg fleeces.  We believe next year there will be an allowance for our breed standards  which should make a huge difference to our scores.

In the wool craft section many Finn goods won prises including a 3rd for a jumper for Gerry and a 2nd for a hat for my granddaughter of my own, and a 2nd for a baby jacket spun, dyed and knitted by Sue.

Here are some pictures of life at the show.